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The church was opened by George & Kath Lambert in the Friends Meeting House which is owned by the Quakers. The exact date is uncertain but it was during the mid-70s.

Sadly Kath was taken ill and died a short time after the Church was opened.

Janet Chettle, who attended the same circle as George and Kath in Rushden, stepped in to help George run the Church.

Healing took place at the same venue on Monday evenings.
Janet and George continued to run the Church together until George became ill in 1989  when he sadly passed away. 

The church then closed for a time when Janet's

daughter became ill and sadly passed away.

Janet re-opened the church with Richard Jeffrey

who then helped Janet in running the Church and

eventually, they married.
They continued running the church for some years

until Janet too became ill.

(Photograph of Janet Chettle & George Lambert May 6th 1989)
Unfortunately, Janet's poor health led to the Church

becoming closed again and it was Bob Riddle who

picked up the reins and re-opened the Church by

hiring a room at the Borstal.

Eventually, it moved back to St. John's Street where

it continues today.  

Healing was then given after the service instead of

Monday evenings.

In 2013, Bob retired, handing over to Alison Savage, Rob Riddle, Jasmine Bailey, and Daphne Simmons

Alison resigned in February 2018.  Rob Riddle retired Oct 2021.

Daphne Simmons followed in 2023.

The committee who are fundamental in keeping the running of events each week is now Jasmine Bailey and Sasha-Louise Bentham who volunteer their services to keep the doors of this wonderful church open whilst bringing the services into the modern era along with the help of numerous volunteers who help out each week.


George & Kath Lambert_The founders of our church
A Cross on the Alter
quaker house.

Wellingborough Spiritualist Church

Gives thanks for being blessed in 2019 Raising £500 for Air Ambulance...

Thanks to our congregation for collecting 5p's throughout 2019

This has been an absolutely fantastic year for us at WCSC thanks to our volunteers who are an amazing team and to our congregation, old & new, for your friendship & support & all the mediums who serve our church, we give thanks for being so blessed.

Thank you.

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